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Outgoing envoy Eisenberg hails US-Italy unity

15 gennaio 2021 | 15.26
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Lewis Eisenberg (R) with Sergio Mattarella (L)

Outgoing United States ambassador to Italy Lewis Eisenberg on Friday lauded his country's historic bond with Italy, "especially in times of crisis" as well the "steady leadership" provided by president Sergio Mattarella.

"Italy and the US stand together especially in times of crisis. We are dealing with a terrible pandemic together and united we will prevail," Eisenberg said in a video marking the end of his three-and-a-half year posting.

"Our nations are stronger when we work together towards common goals. We have proved that time and time again and will prove it once as we fight the pandemic," Eisenberg underlined.

"Italy and the United States have a long history of shared values, freedom and democracy, human rights, expression of thought and the rule of law," he said.

Citing political partnership, trade, commerce, defence, innovation, science, space and culture as examples, Eisenberg said "great potential" exists to strengthen collaboration between the two countries.

Eisenberg also praised Italy's president Sergio Mattarella, "whom I admire much", paying tribute to his "steady leadership especially during these times."

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