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Over 1,200 Italians repatriated from Spain, UK

17 marzo 2020 | 22.14
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More than 1,200 Italians returned home from the Canary Islands, Barcelona and London on Tuesday, according to foreign ministry sources.

A total 372 people flew back to Italy from the Canary islands aboard two flights, while 230 travelled by ferry from Barcelona and around 600 arrived from London on three different Alitalia flights, the sources said.

Italy's transport, infrastructure and health ministers on Monday signed a decree requiring all citizens returning from abroad to self-isolate for 14 days and to notify health authorities of their return. Should they develop Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms, citizens are obliged to inform health authorities via a dedicated phone line until according to the decree.

Foreigners are allowed to transit Italy and to stay in the country for urgent work reasons for up to two days but are also required to fill out a form and to notify health authorities and self-isolate if they develop Covid-19 symptoms, says the decree.

The decree is initially valid until 25 March.

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