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Over 3,000 refugees, migrants stuck in Libyan capital near war zone

19 aprile 2019 | 16.59
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Photo: AFP

More than 3,000 refugees and migrants remain trapped in detention close to the war zone in Tripoli where a battle continues to rage this month for control of the Libyan capital, the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday.

"Unhcr remains extremely concerned for the safety of refugees and migrants who are trapped inside detention centre and exposed to violence," the statement said.

The stranded refugees and migrants are being held in the Qasr Bin Ghasheer, Al Sabaa and Tajoura detention centres, the UN refugee agency Unhcr said in a statement.

"Unhcr is urgently calling on the international community to provide solutions for all trapped and detained refugees in Libya, including evacuations and humanitarian corridors," the statement said.

Helping refugees to find safety abroad will also free up space at Unhcr's Gathering and Departure Facility in central Tripoli, which has limited capacity, the statement added.

Unhcr has transferred some 539 refugees to its GDF from several detention centres near the conflict zone in the past ten days. These included 179 people from the Abu Selim detention centre - close to the fighting in southern Tripoli - on Wednesday amid heavy clashes in the area, the agency said.

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