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Over a million Iraqis to benefit from two new UN-World Bank accords

11 maggio 2018 | 16.57
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Photo by Alice Martins for The Washington Post

The International Organisation for Migration and the World Bank have boosted their cooperation with two new humanitarian and development framework agreements that will rapidly aid over a million Iraqis, the IOM - which is the United Nations migration agency - said on Friday.

“Given the interest of the World Bank in addressing protracted displacement crisis, population mobility and its development impacts, the issue is particularly relevant and important for IOM,” said Luca Dall’Oglio, IOM Chief of Mission in Washington DC.

“The conclusion of these agreements will establish the required financial modalities for the World Bank and IOM to effectively support the concerned national authorities at the country level in the implementation of important projects,” Dall'Oglio added.

The accords will streamline cooperation procedures and have an immediate impact as they will streamline IOM’s engagement with Iraq's government under the World Bank-financed Emergency Social Stabilisation and Resilience Project, according to IOM.

The World Bank-funded project aims to improve the livelihoods of more than one million Iraqis through the provision of cash, short-term employment and other services, IOM said.

The World Bank and IOM play key complementary roles in addressing globally relevant development and humanitarian challenges, IOM stated.

These challenges include understanding and addressing forced displacement, promoting early and sustainable recovery during and after crises, identifying innovative solutions to protracted crises, exploring the link between migration and development, addressing the impact of climate change on mobility, strengthening the response to pandemics and ensuring social protection, said IOM.

IOM and the World Bank already have a longstanding partnership on data collection and analysis, knowledge management and joint programmes.

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