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Parliament blames Egypt's security services for Regeni murder

01 dicembre 2021 | 17.48
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Direct responsibility for researcher Giulio Regeni's 2016 abduction, torture and murder lies with Egypt's security services, lawmakers probing the case said in their final report on Wednesday.

"Responsibility for the abduction, torture and killing of Giulio Regeni lies squarely with Egypt's security apparatus, especially with the officers from the National Security Agency, as has been meticulously reconstructed by prosecutors in Rome," said the report.

"The evidence base formed during the first phase of judicial cooperation (between Italian and Egyptian investigators, has been consolidated incontrovertibly by various witnesses, including eye witnesses, whose accounts corroborate each other," the report underlined.

Four Egyptian National Security Agency officers went on trial in absentia Italy in mid-October for Regeni's abduction, torture and murder but the trial has stalled because a Court of Assizes judge ruled it could not proceed until the defendants received notice of being on trial.

Egyptian authorities have not supplied the Italian court with addresses for the four defendants. Egypt's government claims the trial is "without merit" and denies involvement in Regeni's abduction and killing.

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