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PHNIX Launches New HeatForce Series CO2 Heat Pump Water Heating System for Commercial and Industrial Application

16 marzo 2020 | 09.01
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GUANGZHOU, China, March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PHNIX, China's leading heat pump manufacturer, is constantly striving to enhance the efficiency of their heat pump system for commercial and industrial water heating under extreme low temperature condition, while minimizing the impact on environment. Now PHNIX is bringing to the European market a powerful heat pump water heating system for commercial and industrial application with the creative use of new eco-friendly CO2 refrigerant.

Compared with conventional heat pump water heater with refrigerant like R410A, R134a etc., PHNIX HeatForce CO2 heat pump water heating system is able to withstand even lower temperature conditions with the higher efficiency, which achieves significant cost savings for users. Moreover, with the unique capacity of producing 90°C hot water, the unit is particularly suitable for the provision of hot water in commercial and industrial occasions,such as hospital, luxury hotel, sport center, sterilizing in food factory, coating and painting in automotive machinery, according to Mr. Troy Wang, Director of PHNIX Commercial and industrial Water Heating Division.

About PHNIX Co2 Heat Pump HeatForce Series

Maintain High COP 4.3 at -7°C

Combing efficiency with PHNIX proven technologies, the unit is capable of maintaining high COP up to 4.3 under low temperature condition of -7°C.

Excellent Heating Under Extreme Cold Climate

With the use of CO2 refrigerant, the unit is capable of heating up water to 90°C high temperature even with exterior conditions at -25°C according to PHNIX certified laboratory.

Max. Water Temperature Up to 90°C

The feature of producing 90°C high temperature hot water allows it to meet the requirement of peak consumption and ensure huge quantity of hot water supply, while using less energy overall.

Fast Hot Water Supply at -35°C

The unit is powerful enough to operate stably even under extreme cold climate of -35°C. Furthermore, not just is the unit not affected by the super low temperature, but even provide hot water to users instantly without waiting.


As a leading manufacturer of heat pumps in China, PHNIX is an international enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of heat pump products and energy-saving solutions. Nearly 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe, North America and other overseas markets. For more information about PHNIX and its products, please visit www.phnix-e.com.

For enquiries: Janete Chen, phnixen@phnix-e.com

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1123718/HeatForce_Series_CO2_Heat_Pump_Water_Heating_System.jpg


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