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PHNIX Unveils New Heat Pump for House Heating, Cooling and Hot water to Target European Market

03 dicembre 2020 | 09.55
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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Apart from the strong product portfolio, the success for PHNIX to remain the leader in the heat pump industry is the efficiency to tackle the rapid market changes. Facing the growing demand of higher efficiency and stronger performance under extremely cold climate, especially in European regions, PHNIX upgrades the current heat pump series to an unprecedented level and creates a completely new product category - HeroPremium series, which quickly becomes a powerful weapon of market development for cooperative partners in Europe.

Pictures Shows PHNIX New HeroPremium series Launched at Chiillventa Online Trade Show

"Targeting the European market, HeroPremium Series is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. Not only does HeroPremium series use R32 green gas and inverter EVI technology, but also be rated with A+++ energy label, which greatly save up energy cost for customers. Moreover, through repeated tests and advancement, the running noise is reduced to as low as 37dB(A) sound pressure at 1m distance. All these elements make it the best heat pump solution for house heating, cooling and hot water in the current European market. Many samples have flied to our cooperative partners in Europe, high praise and constant intention orders have already been made," said Jab Fan, sales director in charge of PHNIX overseas house heating cooling and hot water heat pump division.

About PHNIX HeroPremium series


As the leading heat pump manufacturer in China, PHNIX specializes in R&D and production of heat pumps and energy-saving solutions. More than 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe, North America, Australia and other overseas markets. To learn more about PHNIX and heat pump products, please visit www.phnix-e.com.

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