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Pinotti - we are living in ever-riskier times

27 febbraio 2018 | 18.34
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We live in increasingly "challenging" times and threats to security are growing "more insidious by the day", Italy's defence minister Roberta Pinotti said on Tuesday, hailing the army's "irreplaceable" security role.

"The times we live in are ever-more challenging, because the risks that we face seem to become more insidious by the day," Pinotti said.

The army has shown itself to be "irreplaceable" at a time when the demand from citizens for security is becoming "more and more articulate and aware," Pinotti underlined.

"Everyone can rely on the army to intervene, to be efficient and to get results," Pinotti stated.

She was speaking at a ceremony in Rome to mark General Danilo Errico's handover to General Salvatore Farina as the army's new chief of defence staff.

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