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Plume Launches HomePass in Belgium as Direct-to-Consumer Offering

09 dicembre 2020 | 08.01
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-- Building on a successful partnership with VOO, HomePass offers Belgian consumers features like flawless connectivity, device protection, parental controls, motion awareness and more. --

BRUSSELS, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Plume, the personalized Smart Home Services pioneer, announced today the availability of its HomePass smart home service to all Belgian households. At a time when many people are working or studying from home, a consistent, safe WiFi connection is more important than ever. HomePass works with your existing internet service to deliver reliable, self-optimizing WiFi in every room of the home, along with built-in cybersecurity for all connected devices, advanced parental controls, secure, personalized guest access, and motion awareness.

This is not the first introduction of HomePass to Belgium. VOO, a leading provider of broadband cable services, previously launched the HomePass service under the VOO WiFi Plus brand in November 2019. To better handle the growing demand for the service, VOO will now direct its customers to subscribe directly to HomePass by Plume. VOO subscribers who want to sign up will receive a special rate of €79 on additional SuperPods. Current VOO WiFi Plus customers will continue to enjoy the HomePass service at their current subscription rate, and now have the ability to expand their home networks with additional SuperPods.

"Plume has been a fantastic partner in delivering whole-home WiFi services to thousands of VOO subscribers, fully sustaining our Connectivity leadership," said Cristina Zanchi, Chief Commercial Officer at VOO. "We're pleased VOO customers will continue to receive excellent service from HomePass by Plume as it expands to the whole Belgian market."

The service is enabled by the highly-rated HomePass app and beautiful, tri-band SuperPod hardware. The HomePass app puts you in control, giving you the ability to run speed tests, pause the internet, filter inappropriate content, and track unexpected motion in the home. Belgian residents can get started with an annual HomePass membership for €99, which includes one SuperPod. Additional SuperPods are €99 each.

"We are thrilled to expand the HomePass presence to all of Belgium, following a successful partnership with VOO this past year," said Christian Constant, Vice-President Direct-to-Consumer at Plume. "We believe every home deserves secure, reliable WiFi. And with HomePass blocking an average of 330 security threats per household in the past month, the added layer of protection is critical."

To join HomePass by Plume, visit https://www.plume.com/be/homepass or call +32 78482333.

About VOOWith a host of entertainment and communications solutions, VOO provides broadband Internet (400Mbps), digital television, landline and mobile services to customers in Wallonia and Brussels. Thanks to the quality of its hybrid network, VOO allows its customers to enjoy a unique digital experience that is simple and tailored to their needs. For both residential and business customers. www.voo.be

About Plume®Plume is the creator of the world's first Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform powered by OpenSync™. As the only open and hardware-independent solution, Plume enables the curation and delivery of new Smart Home Services rapidly and at a massive scale. This allows Service Providers to offer their subscribers a personalized and ever-evolving smart home experience while gaining unprecedented, actionable visibility into the needs of every household and device.

Visit www.plume.com/be/homepass.

Plume, OpenSync, and HomePass are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.

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