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Police probe truck driver's brutal murder in Asti

25 giugno 2015 | 14.56
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Police launched a murder investigation after a truck driver was found dead in the northwestern city of Asti early on Thursday with his skull smashed in.

Police impounded the driver's truck and were examining security camera footage from the central city square where 52-year-old Francesco Indino's lifeless body was found lying near his vehicle in a pool of blood.

A commuter raise the alarm after making the grisly discovery on his way to Asti station at around 5am.

Investigators said the murder weapon may have been a jack and that the truck driver was killed during the night, possibly during an attempted carjacking.

The haulier had been on his way to work for a fruit and vegetable producer in the nearby town of Costigliole d'Asti, according to investigators.

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