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Police seize €84.3mln in anti-mafia op

10 aprile 2017 | 11.41
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Police on Monday in southern Italy impounded assets worth 84.3 million euros linked to seven Calabrian mafia suspects who were put under special surveillance.

The seized assets included eight companies and 82 items of real estate and four vehicles owned by the companies, as well as various reports.

Among the impounded property were four tourist developments located in the province of Reggio Calabria, police said.

The suspects placed under special surveillance included alleged members of the Calabrian mafia or 'Ndrangheta's Morabito and Aquino clans as well as businessmen alleged to have links to the two clans, according to police.

Monday's operation followed an investigation by the Italian tax police's the organised crime branch, coordinated by anti-mafia magistrates in Reggio Calabria.

Drug trafficking, extortion and money-laundering rackets have in recent decades made the Calabrian mafia or 'Ndrangheta Italy's wealthiest and most powerful international crime syndicate.

It operates throughout Italy and overseas and its influence and networks extend from northern Europe to Australia and North and South America.

Investigators have seized hundreds of millions of euros of suspected 'Ndrangheta assets in recent years in an ongoing crackdown.

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