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Pope Francis gets birthday concert

16 dicembre 2015 | 19.21
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Photo: - AFP

Pilgrims at Pope Francis's weekly general audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday sang Happy Birthday to the pontiff who turns 79 tomorrow and elderly Italian actor-singer Teddy Reno serenaded him through a microphone accompanied by a small choir.

Francis appeared to enjoy the concert and to rounds of applause helped 90-year-old Reno to get up after his rendition of the song he wrote specially for the pontiff's birthday and delivered on one knee.

Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki presented Francis with a cake in the shape of a sombrero, a gift from the people of Mexico, which he is due to visit in February.

Among pilgrims at the general audience - the last before Christmas - were 3,000 tango dancers, who played a short burst of tango music.

Argentinian-born Francis has said he loves the tango, describing it as "something that comes from within me".

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