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Pope sends condolences for Kyrgyz air crash victims

17 gennaio 2017 | 16.10
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Pope Francis has sent a message voicing his sorrow after a Turkish freighter crashed into a village outside the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Monday, killing 38 people including 14 children.

"Deeply saddened to learn of the tragic crash of a cargo plane near Bishkek, Pope Francis sends his condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, particularly in Manas," read the telegram.

"In praying for the search and rescue efforts, His Holiness invokes upon the nation the divine blessings of strength and consolation," continued the telegram, sent to Kyrgyz authorities by Vatican secretary of state Pietro Parolin.

Fog and possible 'crew error' appeared to be an early focus of an inquiry into what caused a the Turkish Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane to abort a landing at Bishkek's Manas airport and crash into the village of Dacha-Suu at 7.18 am local time.

The precise breakdown of how many villagers and crew members were killed has not yet been released.

The aircraft was flying from Hong Kong to Istanbul via Bishkek. It was reportedly carrying 85 tonnes of consumer goods, including equipment and home appliances.

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