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Popular European Print Consumables Media Company 'Consumibles E-Magazine' Acquired

13 novembre 2014 | 09.08
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ZHUHAI, China, Nov. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of acquiring the US-based media icon, Recharger Magazine, in February 2014, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) has successfully negotiated a merger with another print consumables media company, this time in Europe.

The media assets of popular Spanish-based Consumibles E-Magazine, which has a loyal following of 3,000 Spanish-speaking readers and browsers, have joined forces with RT Media, to expand the RT Media brand in Europe.

The co-operation gives RT Media the industry's largest readership of its monthly magazine, published in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. It also strengthens RT Media's website (iRecyclingTimes.com) which already has the largest global audience, with more browsers spending more time, and viewing more pages, than any other industry news website in the world. RT Media also runs RemaxAsia Expo, the largest industry tradeshow in the world, with 453 exhibits and 13,563 visitors from 85 countries attending in Zhuhai China.

As a part of the deal, former Senior Editor of Consumibles E-Magazine, Jose Bustamante, joins the RT Media team, and will be responsible for reporting European industry news, distributing the Spanish and English editions of the magazine and running the new RT Imaging Summit & Expo in Barcelona, January 15-16, 2015.

Bustamante has 12 years imaging industry experience in Europe, having worked for Static Control Europe and The Recycler Publishing and Events in the UK. He knows the threats and opportunities facing the aftermarket industry. Bustamante says, "I'm very pleased with this agreement. As in the US, India, Africa, Russia and Asia Pacific, RT Media's global brand will strengthen the aftermarket industry in Europe with news, views and events in both English as well as Spanish—something no other media company is providing."

Mexico-based Ivan Rosales, editor of Recycling TimesEn Espanol, says, "The merger acknowledges Consumibles e-Magazine's 12 years of informing and promoting the industry in Spain and Europe, and it's another strategic step for RT Media."

Shortly after the merger, RT Media will launch its first event in Barcelona, January 15-16, 2015, having drawn strong audiences in Las Vegas (May), Guadalajara (August), and Zhuhai, China (October) dealing with legal issues, new technologies and market trends.

More Information:

Website:  www.iRecyclingTimes.com

Head Office: 

Sam Ho: +86-75-6391-9264, Sam.Ho@iRecyclingTimes.com

* the top 3 native-spoken languages according to the 2007 edition of Nationalencyklopedin:

Mandarin - 955 millionSpanish - 470 million English - 360 million

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