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Practise mercy daily, Francis tells Vatican officials

22 febbraio 2016 | 12.46
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Pope Francis has told Vatican officials to tend to their flocks with generosity and mercy and has urged them to become a ‘model’ for all, Vatican Radio reported on Monday.

“Pastors are first of all required – the Pope said – to have God himself who takes care of his flock as a model.”

“This kind of behaviour is the sign of love that knows no boundaries. It is faithful, constant, unconditional dedication, so that even the weakest may be reached by His mercy” he said.

Francis was speaking during his sermon at mass in St Peter’s Basilica on Monday as he celebrated the Feast of the Chair of Peter and the Jubilee of Mercy for the Vatican government or curia and its various institutions.

And Pope Francis also urged strong pastoral attitude within the workplace, “especially towards the people we meet every day”.

“May no one – he said – feel neglected or mistreated, may everyone experience the loving care of the Good Shepherd”.

The Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Francis runs until 30 November.

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