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Proudfoot and Pamela Hackett, CEO Named Global CEO Today Management Consulting Awards Winner

09 luglio 2019 | 15.50
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LONDON, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Proudfoot announces CEO Pamela Hackett as global winner of CEO Today 2019 Management Consulting Awards. The awards are dedicated to recognising strong, innovative leadership amongst business leaders in the consulting industry. This follows Proudfoot's Forbes Management Consulting Award, America for both 2018 and 2019.  

About Pamela Hackett

"Team Proudfoot deserves this recognition. We've delivered such meaningful results and transformation along-side our client teams throughout our rich history. I'm thrilled to be recognized through this Award. Proudfoot's goal is to reimagine the consulting proposition for our clients creating consulting as an investment not a cost. This in mind, we post our real-time, client audited results scorecard on-line for full transparency. I'm sending a huge congratulations to our entire Team - they are all in with our clients each day."

Pam joined Proudfoot in 1987 in Australia (in outback Queensland's Mount Isa Mines) where she rolled up her sleeves, put on her safety boots, and delivered her first set of measurable benefits through people. She has worked in Financial Services from Sydney to NYC to London, to mines in the Andes or the border of the Congo. 30 years on as CEO, she also serves on the Board of the Management Consulting Group as an Executive Director. Pam is passionate leaders develop the capability to implement change if they want to make a difference at work or in the world at large, and advocates that "#HeadsUp leadership"; lifting your nose out of your device, using technology to enable performance, and checking in rather than checking up on people, drives change.

About Proudfoot

Proudfoot, one of the world's oldest, most celebrated management consulting companies and father of many of today's common management tools, has had one principle: implementation. It has been that way since 1946, when Alexander Proudfoot pioneered his new consulting proposition – operational focused, implementation consulting that delivers demonstrated, measured, trackable value through people-based solutions.

Proudfoot designs, implements and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. Realizing tomorrow's results, today. Proudfoot continues to deliver measurable results while working with leaders and their teams to create people-powered cultures that can flex and stretch in today's evolving business world; engaging, enabling and energizing teams.

Visit: https://www.proudfoot.com/news-room; To interview Pamela Hackett please contact: Lee Rennick, CMO, Proudfoot, lrennick@Proudfoot.com, +1-416-802-3574

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