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Purolite announces the commercialization of two novel affinity chromatography resins designed to address the diversity in today's biomolecule pipelines of antibodies, vaccines and gene therapy

04 ottobre 2021 | 09.01
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CARDIFF, United Kingdom, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Purolite, a global manufacturer of resin-based chromatography separation, purification and extraction technologies, announced today the commercialization of two novel next-generation chromatography resins:

1. Praesto® Jetted A50 HipH, is the world's first protein A alkaline stable resin based on a 50μm uniform agarose bead, designed to address the purification of pH sensitive antibodies or other Fc containing proteins. With 40 years of resin bead expertise, Purolite has combined 'Jetting' technology - an innovative process that produces uniform size agarose beads with a very narrow particle size distribution - together with a new, Protein A ligand, NGL-Impact A Hi pH, from Repligen Corporation.

2. Praesto® Jetted (dT)18-DVB is a new 50μm styrene jetted based resin designed to purify mRNA constructs used in vaccine and gene therapy applications. Customer results demonstrate that this new resin outperforms both other resin based dT solutions and monolith based dT technology also.

Chris Major, General Manager for Purolite stated, "We are delighted with the launch of these two new affinity resins and I am proud that we have transformed the future of affinity chromatography by addressing two key requirements within the industry. It's great to work once again with Repligen and develop the world's first protein A resin that provides milder elution conditions, in the region of pH 5, whilst still providing high capacity close to 60 g/l. Results show up to a 70% increase in yield when compared to conventional protein A resins, since aggregation is minimized. Studies also have shown improved host cell protein clearance, which reduces the burden on future downstream steps." He continued, "The launch of our dT resin was a strategic move by the company to expand our offering and resin knowledge into the rapidly evolving field of mRNA therapies critical in vaccines and gene therapy applications."

About Purolite

Purolite Healthcare & Life Sciences brings Purolite's innovative thinking and distinguished history of resin technology expertise to the global Life Sciences marketplace. Over three decades, Purolite has grown into the world's premier resin technology manufacturer and innovation leader, with production plants and advanced research labs across the globe.   

Purolite Healthcare & Life Sciences provides APIs, enzyme carriers and immobilized enzymes, and resins for purification and separation to support research and development, and production-scale applications in pharmaceuticals, protein purification, food production, bioprocessing, fine chemical and additional markets. With a team of world-class researchers and scientists, we develop novel, high-demand and customized products to meet customer needs.

lifesciences@purolite.com +44 1443 229334 www.purolite.com

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