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Quali Builds on AWS Relationship

16 febbraio 2021 | 14.01
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Quali CloudShell platform adds Amazon EKS governance guardrails, best practice implementation, and new ease of purchase options for AWS.

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --   Quali, the Infrastructure Automation at ScaleTM company, today announced it has significantly enhanced  CloudShell Colony's ability to define, deploy, and manage application environments leveraging Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) — new capabilities that help Amazon EKS developers focus more on coding applications.

Quali's unique cloud automation platform is providing this time-saving solution, giving Amazon EKS developers more freedom than ever to focus on creating great software, rather than dedicating time to infrastructure boilerplate configuration.

"Enterprise adoption of Kubernetes in general, and Amazon EKS in particular, has reached a critical inflection point," said Edan Evantal, Quali Chief Product Officer. "As our customers look to scale out their use of Amazon EKS across multiple development projects and throughout the development lifecycle, they rely on Colony to provide governance guardrails and ensure the implementation of their best practices."

CloudShell Colony's unique approach to modeling applications and then using them as reusable building blocks adds enterprise-grade service levels on top of Amazon EKS. For projects built on Amazon EKS, DevOps and applications teams use CloudShell Colony as a cloud automation platform to define and deploy environments covering all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from dev to production.

In addition to the Amazon EKS governance guardrails, Quali also announced a new Modernization Workshop and new enterprise discounting. Quali announced last month  $54 million in new funding to fuel innovation, further expand its growing customer base, develop new partnerships, further strengthen its market leadership position, and grow the Quali team.

New CloudShell Colony AWS Modernization WorkshopAWS customers seeking to learn more about CloudShell Colony's cloud automation capabilities now have an option to experience it firsthand in the  AWS Modernization Workshop. At their own pace, users take self-guided lessons on topics designed to increase developer productivity with self-service and DevOps-ready integrations and managing and providing better visibility cloud costs through automation.

New Procurement Options via AWS Marketplace Private Offers/EDP (Enterprise Discount Pricing)

Quali's ease of doing business extends beyond its intuitive CloudShell platform and its helpful training options.  AWS Marketplace customers can also procure from Quali using AWS Marketplace Private Offers/EDP. A CloudShell Free Trial option is also available.

About QualiHeadquartered in Austin, Texas, Quali provides the leading platform for Infrastructure Automation at Scale. Global 2000 enterprises and innovators everywhere rely on Quali's award-winning CloudShell platform to create self-service, on-demand automation solutions that increase engineering productivity, cut cloud costs, and optimize infrastructure utilization. For more information, please visit  https://www.quali.com/ and follow Quali on  Twitter and  LinkedIn.

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