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Recovery Fund key to fightback from coronavirus crisis say Italy, France, Germany

19 maggio 2020 | 23.15
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The European Union's planned Recovery Fund is key to Europe's economic fightback from the coronavirus pandemic, Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and France's president Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.

The fund will be "a crucial component in a timely and effective European response to the unprecedented challenge posted by Covid-19,"Conte's office said in a statement after a phone conversation with Merkel.

Conte and Macron "discussed the prospects for negotiations on the Recovery Fund towards a truly ambitious result and a European economic response that is up to the task," said an earlier statement after phone talks between the two leaders.

Conte's phone conversations with Macron and Merkel came after EU finance ministers, welcomed a proposal by France and Germany for a 500 billion euro fund to disburse grants to worst-hit regions and sectors.

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