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Renzi visits Gentiloni in hospital

13 gennaio 2017 | 19.27
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Italy's former prime minister Matteo Renzi on Friday visited premier Paolo Gentiloni in a Rome hospital, where he had emergency heart surgery earlier this week

Gentiloni is due to be discharged on Saturday from Rome's Policlinico Gemelli and to chair a cabinet meeting the same day.

The 62-year-old is said to be in "excellent form" and to already be back at work. Earlier in the day, cabinet undersecretary Maria Elena Boschi visited Gentiloni and went through the agenda for Saturday's cabinet meeting.

Gentiloni underwent an angioplasty procedure on Tuesday to unblock a blood vessel after he complained of discomfort on his return to Rome from an official visit to Paris.

Doctors said the operation had been "a complete success".

A staunch Renzi ally, Gentiloni was appointed premier last month when Renzi resigned after a crushing defeat on planned constitutional reforms his centre-left government claimed would streamline Italy's lawmaking.

Gentiloni was foreign minister in Renzi's almost 22-month-long government.

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