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Revenue Management Solutions opens London office, expanding its global presence

07 gennaio 2015 | 16.09
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-- Demand for RMS' data-driven restaurant and retail pricing expertise drives expansion

LONDON, Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), the industry-acknowledged expert in providing advanced price analysis and recommendations to restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, has opened an office in west central London near Paddington Station.

The new London office widens the company's global presence, adding to Paris, Tokyo and Singapore locations, all tied to RMS' corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida USA.

"Expanding to a permanent London location is the next step in our commitment to deliver the best data-driven pricing and business solutions for our clients in the UK and globally," said Philipp Laque, Director of Business Development Europe for RMS. "We have worked with major clients in the United Kingdom for a number of years, and demand for our services is growing, so it made sense to open a London office."

RMS kicked off its new London presence by recently participating in the Horizons Thought Leadership Forum event at London's Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The forum provided a platform for industry leaders, such as executives from RMS and McDonald's UK, to discuss topics related to the future of foodservice.

The event focused on the power of using detailed consumer-related information in the restaurant industry and beyond. Consumer insight was one of the main themes of key speaker Paul Pomroy, SVP and CFO for McDonald's UK. McDonald's employs an internal customer insight team that specialises in ensuring that it delivers what customers want, while consultant RMS assists McDonald's UK in understanding the relationship between pricing and customer behaviour.

Speaking at the conference, RMS Chief Operating Officer John Oakes talked about how pricing needs to tie directly to a deep understanding of what customers want and the impact of pricing on their behavior.

"There is a strong link between pricing strategy and the customer's attitude towards your brand," Oakes said. "It's important to understand this and the relationship between pricing and service. Consumers today may tolerate higher prices if they are receiving good value, but it is unlikely they will tolerate lesser service."

RMS works with clients to drive profitability through smart demand-based pricing strategies, and also can help with site selection, store-specific marketing and media buying.

The new RMS London office is located at One Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London W2 6BD, and can be reached at +44 (0)20 3755 0960.

About RMSRevenue Management Solutions, based in Tampa, Florida USA, is a pioneer in the area of bringing a data-based approach to pricing for restaurants and retailers, providing solutions for a number of leading global brands, including many of the largest companies in the industry. Since 1994, the company has been successfully providing solutions to clients to increase profit and enhance brand value. RMS assists 40 major brands in 39 countries, with its patented processes of revenue management used in over 42,000 locations globally. 

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