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Rome culture officials eye Colosseum security fence

07 giugno 2017 | 15.10
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Rome's cultural authorities are in favour of erecting railings around the Colosseum to to safeguard the 2,000-year-old monument, the city's mayor Virginia Raggi said on Wednesday.

"The idea of a fence seems to have prevailed," Raggi told reporters after a meeting in Rome of the provincial committee for public order and security .

Security breaches have occurred at the recently restored Colosseum including a break-in in January when two Brazilians scaled its railings and graffiti was found sprayed on a pillar.

After the break-in, Francesco Prosperetti, the special superintendent for the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, said he wanted to install a video surveillance control room for the Palatine, Roman Forum and the Colosseum to monitor intruders, especially at night.

A major flaw in the security system in place for visitors to the Colosseum was laid bare by a video published by Italian newspaper La Repubblica on 31 May.

The video showed an internal barrier in the section of the Colosseum for visitors without reservations, through which objects can be passed to people who have already gone through security checks and metal detectors.

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