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Rome meeting assesses Europe's economic integration of migrants

02 febbraio 2018 | 13.30
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Photo: AFP

The financial inclusion and labour market integration of immigrants in Europe was in the crosshairs at a seminar organised by Italian International Affairs institute (IAI) and the Brussels-based Bruegel think-thank in Rome on Friday.

Carolo Monticelli, vice-governor for financial strategy at the Council of Europe Development Bank was slated to open the seminar where Zsolt Darvas from Bruegel was due to unveil a new study on the impact and integration of migrants in the European Union.

Hurdles to the financial inclusion of refugees, the impact of immigration on Europe's labour markets, economy and public finances, its response to the influx of migrants and refugees and ability to integrate them are among the issues under the spotlight at the meeting.

James Politi, Rome correspondent of the Financial Times newspaper, was due to moderate a panel discussion of these issues whose speakers included top officials from the Italian finance and labour ministries and the World Bank.

IAI director Nathalie Tocci was scheduled to make the meeting's concluding remarks.

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