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Giovedì 06 Maggio 2021
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ROOQ: Four fists for big goals

04 maggio 2021 | 12.01
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AACHEN, Germany, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Performance diagnostics has long been an integral part of sport. But so far there has been no technology that could have transferred the data collections known from football, for example, with important performance analyzes from ball possession, tackling rates and pass accuracy to the expected goals, to boxing. "That changes with our sensor technology," emphasizes Ralf Rüttgers, CEO at ROOQ.



Christina Hammer, six-time professional world champion, and Agit Kabayel, ex-European champion and heavyweight hope with 20 wins in 20 professional duels, have already trained intensively with the ROOQ sensors.

"ROOQ is a perfect mirror of my performance. These little sensors know me inside out. As if they'd been watching me box for years. With shadow boxing, we check our movements in front of the mirror and work on small and large corrections. However, the ROOQ sensors show me my entire training performance during the data analysis," says Kabayel. On the way to a world championship fight in the heavyweight division, the 28-year-old trusts ROOQ.

Christina Hammer also has big dreams. As a professional world champion, she wants to reach for gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. An unusual step - the re-amateurization. That means she will show her performance in just three more rounds. "I don't know if a female boxer has tried something like this before. Of course, I had a plan for the change and also a feeling for how it could work. But ROOQ provides me with incorruptible data for this. It's like a navigation device that I enter a destination into. The ROOQ sensors don't ask questions, they provide answers."

With ROOQ one punch ahead

The company will enter the international market with its training analysis technology in just a few weeks. A limited edition of the ROOQ Box is available in advance and also the app with individual training planner will soon be available to athletes.

The technology, which was developed in Germany, records the box-specific performance parameters for punching behavior, punching speed, variability and punching power of each individual punch with a scientific accuracy of almost 100 percent. The sensors automatically differentiate between left and right hand as well as four different impact types per side. The athlete can use them anytime and anywhere. Put on sensors, train, done! The ROOQ Coaching Zone, the world's first coaching portal for boxing, visualizes the performance data for the coach and creates transparency for his personal perception, knowledge and evaluation.

Ring free for a world first

"We want to do our part to make boxing even better. With the ROOQ technology, every boxer and coach have the opportunity for the first time to measure their training performance individually and to develop further in the long term. An important step in making boxing digital and therefore future-proof," says Henry Maske, Chief Sports Officer.


Video: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1500154/ROOQ.mp4Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1479853/ROOQ_Logo.jpg

Contact:Sandra Schmitz media@rooq.de +49 (0) 241 41252019 Further information at rooq.de.




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