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Lunedì 27 Marzo 2023
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Russia a threat to global security - Italy

03 marzo 2023 | 09.36
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Besides jeopardising food security for poorer countries and stoking inflation worldwide, Russia has imperilled global security with its year-old invasion of Ukraine, according to Italy's premier, Giorgia Meloni.

"Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine has triggered global energy price shocks, jeopardised food security and caused spiralling inflation around the world to the detriment of the most vulnerable, especially the Global South " Meloni stated.

Meloni was addressing India's top annual geopolitics conference, Raisina Dialogue, taking place in New Delhi through Saturday, in the presence of India's prime minister Nanendra Modi, G20 foreign ministers and international organisations.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine "also puts at risk global stability, peace and security, which depend on a predictable and rules-based international order," Meloni underlined adding that the conflict "recalled the wars of the 20th century".

“The Russian attack is not simply an act of war or a localised conflict. It is an attack on the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation, in flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of the global order which allows the international community to thrive," Meloni went on.

"We cannot allow such a threat to the very foundations of international law - without which only military force would be taken into account and every state in the world would risk being invaded by its neighbour," Meloni said.

Together with Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani and a high-level business delegation, Meloni was on a two-day visit to India that wrapped up on Friday, during which she and Modi agreed on a bilateral strategic partnership centred on defence, space and cyber- and energy security.

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