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Salvini blasts 'elite' Verhofstadt over Italy 'insults'

12 febbraio 2019 | 19.56
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Guy Verhofstadt

Deputy premier Matteo Salvini on Tuesday accused the European Parliament's Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt of "shameful" elitism and of "insulting" Italy for saying the government's big-spending polices would increase the recession-hit country's debt pile.

"It is truly shameful that some European bureaucrats who have connived in the disaster of recent years, should insult Italy's prime minister, the government and the Italian people," Salvini said.

"It is Europe's elites against the choice of the people. Get ready to pack your bags on 26 May when citizens will finally give you your marching orders," Salvini went on, referring to the European elections.

Salvini's tirade came after Verhofstadt told Italy's populist premier Giuseppe Conte at the European Parliament in Strasbourg earlier on Tuesday: "Your economic recession frightens me. Your government is just seeking re-election by giving hand-outs and incurring debts."

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