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Scalfarotto in 'fruitful' trade talks with US officials

28 gennaio 2020 | 14.13
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Foreign undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto has been holding "fruitful" talks on trade and commercial ties between Italy and the United States during a two-day visit to Washington, he tweeted on Tuesday

"Fruitful exchange to strengthen Italy-US economic relations with Jeffery Kessler, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Enforcement and Compliance at the US Department of Commerce International Trade," read the tweet.

"Also with Peter Hass, Assisistant Secretary at the US State Department's Economic & Business Affairs Bureau and Deputy US Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish," the tweet went on.

Scalfarotto's trip to Washington comes after US president Donald Trump threatened last week to slap tariffs of up to 25% on the EU's auto sector if the bloc does not agree to a trade deal with the US, raising the prospect of a tit-for-tat transatlantic trade war.

"Tariffs are detrimental to economic growth and prosperity for the US, Italy and Europe," Scalfarotto's tweet said, underlining the Italian government's often-stated opposition to trade wars.

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