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Scalfarotto visits San Marino as Italy seeks to bolster bilateral ties

23 novembre 2020 | 18.03
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Italy's foreign undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto will begin a visit to San Marino Tuesday to further strengthen bilateral ties in a range of areas including energy, radio, television and culture, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday.

"We want to see a decisive change of pace to our relationship," said Scalfarotto.

Italy seeks to start "strategic, structured and constant collaboration, also in view of the future Association Agreement that San Marino is negotiating with the European Union," Scalfarotto said.

Financial cooperation, energy procurement, radio and television communications will be on the agenda during Scalfarotto's talks with his San Marino counterparts, the statement noted.

Cultural cooperation will also be a priority, and Scalfarotto will sign a cultural and scientific cooperation agreement during his visit to San Marino, the statement said.

The visit "testifies to the firm will of the Italian government to move rapidly towards the resolution of pending issues and the start of comprehensive collaboration in all sectors of activity," said Scalfarotto.

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