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Seance App: The Next-generation Astrology and Psychic Services App has Been Published on the Apple App Store

03 luglio 2019 | 09.00
LETTURA: 2 minuti

NEW YORK, July 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A brand-new go-between communicational platform has been released on the App Store.

Seance represents a marketplace, daily horoscope and personalized reports for users. The application is subscription-based: if subscribed, the user gets a certain quantity of coins, which he spends on the spiritual advisors` answers.

The app marketplace of spiritual advisors features a rating system based on the feedback by other users, as well as on Yelp reviewers' ratings. Astrologers and clairvoyants pick up the price for their services with the platform being an intermediary between them and their customers. The advisors are chatting with their customers and answer their questions. Also, the users can use various types of horoscopes, compatibility and personal reports.

Today the $2 billion industry of psychic and astrology services has evolved: instead of the old-fashioned websites with telephone numbers and lack of transparency, the customers are now demanding the new level of service. The emergence of such applications as Seance is a result of that: having covered the trust issues with the rating and comment systems, Seance guarantees a 100% money-back to its customers in case if the service provided did not satisfy them. 

The application is aimed at the whole English-speaking world which is experiencing a great psychic and astrology reading boom. Not only the older population favors such kind of services: the research shows that millennials are greatly inclined towards them too. An opportunity to receive advice here and now meets the demand of youngsters to receive advice on the best way out of any challenging situation.

Currently, over 88 000 businesses are operating on the single US market, making this market a prompt candidate for the uberization. The psychic reading services industry has experienced growing audience demand over the past five years. The investors have already appreciated the market potential and engaged in a few astrology and psychic applications.

Having their MVP released, the Seance team has focused on adding the new features: more sophisticated rating and advisor screening system, new reports and enhanced user experience.


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