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Second body pulled from avalanche-hit hotel

19 gennaio 2017 | 14.11
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Rescuers have pulled a second victim from the ski hotel engulfed by an avalanche following four strong earthquakes in central Italy on Wednesday. "A second body has been pulled out from the Hotel Rigopiano," the mayor of the ski resort of Farindola, Ilario Lacchetta told Adnkronos.

Teams of rescuers with sniffer dogs are at the scene of the disaster, he said. Earlier, rescuers retrieved the body of a male member of staff from the hotel, which partially collapsed after it was buried under two metres of snow in the avalanche at the snowbound resort.

There are fears up to thirty people including children have been killed at the upscale hotel in Farindola in the Abruzzo region's Gran Sasso national park.

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