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Seize chance for peace, Italy tells Afghanistan

19 gennaio 2021 | 17.18
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Washington Post photo by Susannah George.
Brussels, 19 Jan. (AKI)

Italy's diplomatic representation at Nato on Tuesday called on war-wracked Afghanistan's political forces "to seize the opportunity for peace" in the war-wracked country.

"Fruitful exchange with Ambassador @Nsalarzai," read a tweet, referring to Afghanistan's envoy to Nato Nazifullah Salarzai.

"Italy remains committed to a peaceful Afghanistan, bilaterally and with our leading role as a framework nation of @NATO @ResoluteSupport Mission," read a tweet.

"We encourage all parties of the #AfghanPeaceProcess to seize the opportunity for #peace," the tweet added.

Violence in Afghanistan has hit record levels - a spike the government and the United States blames on the Taliban - while intra-Afghan dialogue has slowed despite a push for a ceasefire by the administration of US president Donald Trump, who leaves office on Wednesday.

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