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Senator to brief press on Italian facing execution in Thailand

05 febbraio 2018 | 18.36
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Luigi ManconiPhoto: Adnkronos/Cristiano Camera)

Italian Senator Luigi Manconi, will on Tuesday hold a press briefing on the case of Italian national Denis Cavatassi who has been sentenced to death in Thailand for ordering the murder of his business partner Luciano Butti in 2011.

Manconi, who chairs the Italian Senate's human rights committee, will hold the briefing at midday, according to a statement by the ruling centre-left Democratic Party group in the upper house of parliament.

Cavatassi's lawyer Alessandra Ballerini and his siblings Romina and Adriano Cavatassi, the head of Amnesty International Italy, Antonio Marchesi and lawyer and human rights activist Francesca Carnicelli will speak at the press conference, the Democratic Party in the Senate said.

Cavatassi, 50, has always claimed he is innocent of paying a hit-man to kill Butti, was arrested in Phi-Phi, southern Thailand after Butti was shot dead. He and Butti managed a restaurant together in the archipelago.

Catavassi also claims he did not have a fair trial and has been detained in Thailand in inhumane conditions.

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