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Serbia 'very important' says Italy's Scalfarotto

02 novembre 2020 | 23.15
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Serbia is a key country for Italy, foreign undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto tweeted on Monday ahead of a visit to the Balkan country and candidate for European Union membership.

"I am going to Serbia, a very important country for Italy, in an area of the Balkans that we have ties with for many reasons - economic, historic and cultural," read the tweet.

"I will be able to wish ever success to the new government," the tweet added.

Last week, the Serbian parliament appointed a new government led by Ana Brnabic who also previously served as premier.

Brnabic's new administration needs to lead Serbia towards economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and steer it closer towards EU membership by normalising ties with Kosovo, improving the rule of law and root out organised crime and corruption.

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