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Setting new standards for speed and compatibility: Medit launches new T-Series scanner models

18 settembre 2020 | 03.55
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SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Medit announces the launch of three new T-Series laboratory scanner models; T710, T510, and T310.

The open-system scanners offer upgraded performance at an unbeatable price, and with a fully customizable workflow, providing supreme flexibility to simplify dental labs' work.

Suitable for all use cases: Four 5MP cameras, 4-micron accuracy, and an 8 second full-arch scan

The Medit T710 – the powerhouse of the new line-up – is equipped with four 5.0MP high-resolution cameras, positioned to ensure there are no blind spots in the data, even after only a single scan. Full arches are scanned in only 8 seconds and the scanner's 4-micron accuracy ensures high-quality results.

The T710 can be used to scan all indications, including implant cases, impressions, and replica dentures. The model also features a flexible multi-die function and fits any articulator available in the market, allowing for maximum compatibility.

Enhancing lab capacity and productivity

"'I am extremely proud to announce our new T-Series scanners. Closed systems and limitations when it comes to scanner performance and compatibility have long been detrimental to the efficiency of dental labs. Our team developed the scanners with the needs of technicians in mind, ensuring the new models enhance their capacity and overall productivity. I am confident to say that this new line-up is going to set a new industry standard yet again," says GB Ko, CEO at Medit.

The new models at a glance

Medit T710

Medit T510

Medit T310

Full-arch speed

8 seconds

12 seconds

18 seconds


4 μm

7 μm

9 μm


Mono 5.0(MP)x4

Mono 5.0(MP)x2

Mono 5.0(MP)x2

About Medit Corp

Medit is a global provider of 3D measurement solutions for dental clinics and labs, including intraoral scanners, based on its own patented state-of-the-art technology. The company also develops platform solutions for digital dentistry, supporting collaborative workflows. Additionally, the Solutionix line provides 3D scanners and software to the industrial market. The company's goal is to provide innovative technology and the highest quality products to ensure mutual growth for all partners.

Medit is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea since its inception in 2000. The company also has representatives located in the Americas and Europe, and boasts a global network of distributors in over 70 countries.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1276753/202009_New_Medit_T_Series.jpg  Logo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1076877/Medit_Logo.jpg  

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