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Martedì 15 Giugno 2021
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Shanghai Genchem Co., Ltd. (Genechem) Announces Global Collaboration on Bispecific Antibodies

06 aprile 2021 | 16.29
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SHANGHAI, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Genechem Co., Ltd. (Genechem), a discovery company dedicated to novel drug target discovery and development of novel therapeutics, today announced the execution of a global collaboration with I-Mab (Nasdaq: IMAB), a Nasdaq-listed global biopharmaceutical company, to develop and commercialize multiple bi-specific antibodies (BsAb) based on monoclonal antibody developed by Genechem and antibodies selected by I-MAB.  

"This collaboration is the first of many that will leverage Genechem's Good Research Practice (GRP) and CHAMP antibody discovery platform, strong bioinformatic database, as well as strong development expertise of synergistic partners, to deliver globally competitive assets based on innovative targets. We are excited to collaborate with I-Mab, a global leader in Oncology and antibody development, to bring more products to address clinical unmet needs for patients in China and globally", commented Yueqiong Cao, Founder and CEO of Genechem.

About Shanghai Genchem Co., Ltd. (Genechem)

Genechem is a leading innovation research company focused on target discovery/validation, development of antibody and cell therapy products against novel targets, and partnership globally to maximize its portfolio. Founded in 2002, now with over 500 employees, Genechem works closely with Research Oncologists to translate clinical research into therapeutics addressing high clinical unmet needs, leveraging its strong network of Research Oncologists in over 300 hospitals and Good Research Practice (GRP platform) which includes comprehensive RNAi library, tools including genetic typing, bioinformatic analysis, genetic manipulation, as well as SOP and project management systems. For more information, visit http://www.gcbio.com/.

Contact:Dr. Tong ZhangChief Business OfficerShanghai Genechem Co., LtdTong.zhang@genechem.com.cn+86-18501607878

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