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Spread the Gospel in an indifferent world - Pope

27 aprile 2017 | 12.21
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Pope Francis on Thursday urged Catholics to foster unity and peace and the spread the Gospel's message of hope in "today’s world, so often torn by violence, greed and indifference."

"Today’s world, so often torn by violence, greed and indifference, greatly needs our witness to the Gospel message of hope in the redemptive and reconciling power of God’s love," Francis stated, quoted by Vatican Radio.

He made the remarks in an address to members of the Papal Foundation during their annual visit to the Vatican and thanked them for their missionary work around the world, especially in developing countries.

"Each of us, as a living member of Christ’s body, is called to foster the unity and peace that is the Father’s will, in Christ, for our human family and all its members," Francis went on.

" I ask you, as a vital part of your commitment to the work of the Papal Foundation, to pray for the needs of the poor, the conversion of hearts, the spread of the Gospel," he said.

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