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Stabilising Libya a top objective for Italy - govt

10 gennaio 2018 | 18.34
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Stabilising conflict-wracked Libya is a priority for the government, foreign minister Angelino Alfano said on Wednesday - one year to the day after Italy reopened its embassy in Tripoli.

"Stabilising Libya is a priority objective for Italy. Reopening the Italian embassy in Tripoli a year ago was crucial in order to support at close hand Libya's authorities in the difficult task of stabilising the country," said Alfano.

The "important investment" made by Italy "has borne important fruit" Alfano said, recalling it was the first country to reopen its embassy in turmoil-hit Libya.

He thanked Perrone, his staff and "all civilian and military personnel" at the embassy for the "great job" they did each day "in a complex and challenging context" and said the government "stood by their side".

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