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Investment will help in furthering Amberstone's market position as a leader in the industry, providing additional capital and resources to fuel innovation to serve its customers

GREAT CHESTERFORD, United Kingdom and ATLANTA, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Risk-led intelligent security solutions provider Amberstone Security ("Amberstone"), received a strategic investment from the Argenbright Group ("Argenbright"), a leading provider of human capital services headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA. With this development, Argenbright has re-established its UK presence and plans to expand into Europe with Amberstone as its platform company. This investment, combined with Argenbright's track record in security services over four decades positions the company for growth into new sectors and verticals.

Amberstone has grown to over £100 million in run-rate revenue in just three and a half years serving key customers in the retail, warehousing, and logistics sectors. Amberstone employs SIA-certified guards and technical engineers to deliver its security solutions. Amberstone has offices across the UK in Great Chesterford, Mansfield and Edinburgh, and a satellite office in Berlin, Germany.

"Both Argenbright and Amberstone are entrepreneurial market disruptors who have always looked to change the narrative of the security industry," said Jason Trigg, Chairman and Founder of Amberstone. "This investment is an opportunity to accelerate our growth plan," added Trigg.

"We will invest in growing Amberstone, our UK security business platform, by adding significant capabilities in account management and sales, as well as selective strategic acquisitions," said Karan Ishwar, CEO of Argenbright.

"We are excited to partner with Jason, who will take the role of Chief Executive Officer going forward, and his senior leadership team who have created an exceptional company," said Frank A. Argenbright Jr., Executive Chairman of Argenbright.  "We are excited to be back in the security business in the UK and I personally look forward to sharing my experiences of providing legendary service and technology-driven solutions to valued clients with the leadership team to help Amberstone take the business to the next level," added Argenbright.

The company plans to strengthen the operational support for its frontline associates, build innovative technology solutions for the security industry, enhance its account management and business development capabilities, and add key strategic tuck-in acquisitions to achieve its growth objectives.

Argenbright Group is a privately held provider of workforce solutions in human capital-intensive industries headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with decades of experience in security, aviation services, and facilities services. Argenbright Holdings' mission is to provide legendary service to its clients by delivering the personal attention expected of local service providers, as well as having strong processes, technology-driven solutions, and global reach.

Led by visionary entrepreneur Frank A. Argenbright, Jr. and seasoned leader Karan Ishwar, our holdings include (i) the largest US aviation services business, Unifi (www.unifiservice.com), which is a joint venture with Delta Air Lines, (ii) a leading US facilities management business, Velociti (www.velocitiservices.com) and now (iii) a leading UK innovative security services provider, Amberstone Security (www.amberstone.co.uk). Over his illustrious career, Frank has founded and owned many companies, including AHL Services, AirServ, and SecurAmerica, which along with Unifi, have generated employment for over 100,000 people in the US and Europe spanning the past forty-plus years.

Amberstone Security, headquartered in Great Chesterford, UK, is a major supplier of intelligence and security services and one of the leading providers of electronic security solutions operating across the UK and other parts of Europe. Amberstone prides itself on its tailored and innovative approach to meeting the customers' needs, from comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the procurement of bundled or individual products and services.

Amberstone aims to provide the best return on investment for its varied client base, whilst reducing risk, minimizing costs, and sharing strategic best practices. The overarching strategy of the company is summed up in its strategy statement - "To facilitate the right person, in the right place at the right time internally and externally, by using data to drive a risk-based approach to all business decisions and investments. Excellent customer service is our number one priority, supporting client problem statements by taking a values-based approach, every time."

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