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Sudan coup has 'sullied' a unique experiment says Minniti

29 ottobre 2021 | 17.56
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Marco Minniti

This week's military coup in Sudan has "dramatically sullied" a virtually unique experiment in Africa, the president of the Med-Or Foundation and former interior minister Marco Minniti argues.

"Sudan was one of the few African countries that was experimenting with a complex 'cohabitation' between the military, militias and political representatives - a unique experiment that unluckily has been dramatically sullied by a coup d'etat," Minniti said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony to mark the donation of 50 oxygen concentrators to Niger by the Med-Or Foundation and Italian company Leonardo to help local hospitals treat Coronavirus patients.

"Everything that cancels freedom of expression is not good news for democracy," Minnit went on.

"It escapes no one's notice that China and Russia have a strategy for Africa. I hope that Europe will have one soon because a crucial part of Europe's fate will play out there in the coming years."

The European Union, the United States and the United Nations have decried Monday's overthrow of Sudan's civilian-led transitional government, in which at least eight people have died and 170 people have been injured.

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