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Suicide bombers are no martyrs - Pope

28 giugno 2017 | 18.03
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The Manchester Arena where on 22 May 2017, a 22-year-old supporter of the Islamic State jihadist group detonated a nail bomb at its exit, killing 23 people and injuring 250.

Calling suicide bombers 'martyrs' is an affront to Christians, Pope Francis told pilgrims attending his general audience in Rome's St Peter's Square on Wednesday.

"The idea that suicide bombers can be called martyrs is repugnant to Christians," Francis said.

"They are not martyrs at all, and there is nothing in their aims that allows them to be considered close to the sons of God," Francis went on.

Throughout history, true martyrs have shown astounding fortitude in facing their tormentors, the pontiff stressed.

"This fortitude is a sign of the great hope that filled their souls - the certain hope that no one could separate them from the love given to us by God through Jesus Christ," Francis said.

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