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Survey Reveals Strategic Plans of SAP Sybase and ASE Customers as Product Support Nears End

10 ottobre 2019 | 12.00
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DENVER, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spinnaker Support, leading global provider of Oracle and SAP third-party support and managed services, today announced the publication of the survey report, "State-of-the-Market Survey on Sybase/ASE Users Facing 2025 End of Maintenance Deadline." This unique research offers a revealing look at what customers with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), also known as Sybase, are considering in response to the upcoming End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM).

SAP ASE, also known by its original name of Sybase, is a popular relational database management acquired by SAP in 2011. SAP announced in 2018 the EoMM for release 16.0 – the final version of Sybase/ASE – at the end of 2025. With EoMM, SAP will provide paid support to resolve issues but will no longer generate new patches for that version. The decreased support and end of investment in future product enhancements put organizations that depend on Sybase/ASE in their daily operations in a difficult position.

Spinnaker Support sponsored a third-party research project through Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an agnostic technology research and advisory firm, with the aim to benchmark the current state of the Sybase/ASE market. The results of this original research provide compelling evidence that Sybase/ASE customers are not uniformly migrating to the SAP HANA database as SAP recommends. Instead, these organizations continue to weigh their options for whether to sustain Sybase, update to a newer release, migrate to HANA, or transition to a non-SAP database product. They are also considering options for how to properly support Sybase.

The survey found:

"The survey results clearly demonstrate the abiding loyalty of Sybase and ASE customers for their existing systems," stated Shawn du Plessis, Vice President of SAP Global Support Services at Spinnaker Support. "Organizations are already looking beyond SAP for alternative database solutions and are adopting third-party software support to enable them to stay with Sybase for as long as they need."

The results above, plus additional findings are available for download from the Spinnaker Support web site.

About Spinnaker Support

Spinnaker Support is the fastest growing and highest-rated global provider of Oracle and SAP third-party support. Spinnaker Support customers get more personalized and responsive service, save an average of 62% on their annual support fees, and can remain on their current software releases for as long as they desire. Spinnaker Support's award-winning blend of services span SAP, BusinessObjects, HANA Database, Sybase, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, Oracle Database, and more. For more information visit spinnakersupport.com.

CONTACT: Michelle Wilkinson, mwilkinson@spinnakersupport.com.

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