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Swisscom completes the first European deployment of the Entertainment ID Registry with media-press.tv/pps

05 febbraio 2015 | 07.09
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REDWOOD CITY, California, Feb. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Swisscom, the PayTV distributor and telecommunications operator of Switzerland, has successfully completed the first European end-to-end deployment of an Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) powered program guide service.  The EIDR identifier is increasingly leveraged in digital video supply chains that include content owners, content distributors, electronic retailers and technology provider companies.

"Swisscom is a leader in Europe in PayTV, through our services, product, and delivery platform innovation. Our new TV 2.0 platform now integrates EIDR identifiers in our program guide offering," said Volker Dietzel, Head of TV Development and Technology at Swisscom. "We operate in an environment where the ecosystem of digital content delivery is ever changing, and getting more complex. We also need to deliver this premium content in a multi-screen, multi-distribution channels way. EIDR provides the industry the unique identifier necessary to help automate the entire digital distribution chain, and find efficiencies which will help us bring to consumers the content they want, more rapidly, and on the screens they want."

The EIDR content identifier and related platform APIs, tools, and solutions, can be used efficiently by all actors of the digital video value chain. From small content producers to large broadcasters, to multichannel video programming distributors to equipment providers, EIDR helps automation of the digital workflows.

This first deployment leverages the EIDR identifiers work of EIDR member company and program guide supplier media-press.tv/pps, based in Berlin. "Broadcasters and their distributors are entering a world of digital, multiscreen experiences. Going from broadcast workflows to on demand, catch-up TV, and differentiating offerings, is becoming complex. Our work with the EIDR registry helps us better bridge the gap," said Jorg Jacob, Head of Sales for media-press.tv/pps.

"We are very pleased to achieve this milestone with Swisscom as our first European Industry Promoter member," said Don Dulchinos, Executive Director of EIDR. "Swisscom and its team are demonstrated leaders in content platform development. At the nexus of multi-language programming distribution, Swisscom will spearhead ecosystem conversations where EIDR can ease global distribution in a new digital world."

Don Dulchinos, Executive Director of EIDR, will be presenting at two conferences in Germany next week:

For further information, please contact Don Dulchinos: Tel: +1-303-909-4598 Email: ddulchinos@eidr.org

About SwisscomSwisscom is Switzerland's leading telecoms provider. Swisscom offers mobile communications, fixed networks, Internet and digital TV to corporate and residential customers. It is also one of Switzerland's largest providers of IT services. Swisscom builds and maintain the mobile and fixed-network infrastructure, transmit broadcast signals and own shares in media companies. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe. For more information, please visit www.swisscom.ch.

About media-press.tv/ppsmedia-press.tv/pps is one of the leading providers of television metadata and publishing services in Europe, providing first-class programme information for television, video-on-demand and radio. For more than twenty years, the media-press.tv brand has been known for its up-to-the-minute television and radio programme data, premium editorial content, pioneering technological solutions and highest production reliability. Delivery reliability, customer satisfaction and a high performing support are the top priorities for media-press.tv. For more information, please visit https://www.media-press.tv/en and http://www.pps.de/en/.  

About EIDRThe EIDR organization is a not-for-profit industry association managing universal identifiers for a broad array of television and film assets.  EIDR maintains management and technical support personnel in Europe and North America.  For more information, please visit www.eidr.org.

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