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Di Maio

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Di Maio attends NATO emergency summit on Afghanistan, Ukraine

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is attending a NATO emergency summit in Brussels on Wednesday ahead of US president Joe Biden's expected announcement that US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by 11 September. Besides the Afghan peace process, the summit will also focus on the escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine.

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Di Maio, Pelosi: transatlantic ties key to peace

Relations between the US and Europe are vital for peace, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed on Tuesday, underlining the strength of bilateral ties.

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Italy, US 'cooperating closely' in Mediterranean

Italy and the United States are working together "particularly closely" in the Mediterranean region - including flashpoints like Libya - in the areas of defence, anti-terrorism and energy, according to foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

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US to be more engaged in Libya - Di Maio

The administration of US president Joe Biden is set to be "more engaged" in war-torn Libya, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said after talks in Washington on Monday.

COVID-19 cooperation focus of D Maio-Fauci talks

Scientific cooperation between the United States and Italy on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments was the focus of talks in Washington on Monday between Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and the US government's top medical advisor Anthony Fauci.

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Di Maio starts landmark visit to US

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday began a two-day visit to the US capital, Washington DC, the first visit by a country's top diplomat since the administration of US president Joes Biden took office in January.

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Italy-US relationship 'robust' says Blinken

The historic partnership between Italy and the United States is "robust", US secretary of state Antony Blinken tweeted on Friday, the 160th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two nations.

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Serbia's future is in the European Union - Italy

Italy believes that Serbia must enter the European Union and urges the Balkan nation to accelerate reforms required to join the 27-member bloc, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Thursday.

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Espionage 'a hostile act' says Di Maio

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Wednesday deplored an Italian navy captain's alleged handing of sensitive documents to a Russian embassy official, saying that spying "is a very serious, hostile act".

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Italy strongly committed to Global Coalition against Daesh

Italy is set on defeating the Islamic State (Daesh) , wants to prevent its resurgence in Iraq and shares international concern at the jihadist group's growing links to local terrorist groups in Africa, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told international partners on Tuesday.

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Govt tracking case of Italian girl taken to Russia

Italy is working to bring home a four-year-old girl from the southern town of Teggiano whose mother took her to Russia in 2018 and it is "closely following" the case, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Thursday.

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