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Italy backs EU mediation to end Ethiopian conflict

Italy wants increasing European Union involvement in efforts to end Ethiopia's brutal 19-month-old civil war, the foreign ministry tweeted Thursday amid a stalemate since the central government declared a 'humanitarian truce' in northern Tigray province in late March.

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Sereni to visit Ethiopia in bid to help end conflict

Italys' deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni will visit Ethiopia as part of efforts to end the deadly 15-month conflict in the north of the country and get the warring sides to "dialogue with Europe", she said on Wednesday.

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Acute hunger worsening in northern Ethiopia says WFP

Almost 40 percent of people in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray province are severely hungry while a record 9 million plus in the country's north need emergency food aid, the UN World Food Programme warned on Friday, calling for US$337 to fund its operations in the region over the next six months.

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Italy, France, underline cooperation in Sahel

Cooperation between Italy and France in the strategic Sahel region of Africa continues to grow, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian agreed during talks in Rome on Thursday.

Livoni 'well' after detention in Ethiopia

Freed Italian aid worker Alberto Livoni is "well" and is "happy to be back in Italy after being held in Ethiopia for eight days, but is concerned at the fate of Ethiopian colleagues who are currently being detained there.

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Ethiopia's worsening conflict alarms Italy

Italy is "extremely concerned" by the escalating conflict in Ethiopia between Tigrayan forces from the country's north and the central government, the foreign ministry tweeted on Thursday.

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Italy committed to ending Ethiopia's civil war

Italy will do its utmost to help end Ethiopia's brutal civil war, get humanitarian aid to the country and rapidly begin "national dialogue", the foreign ministry tweeted after deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni held talks in Rome with Ethiopia's water minister Eng Seleshi Bekele.

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Italy airlifts medical aid to Ethiopia's Tigray region

Italy on Friday flew eight tonnes of medical supplies and drugs to Ethiopia's conflict-hit Tigray province, which over the past five months has been engulfed by one of the world's worst humanitarian and human rights crises.

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Italy gets new Ethiopian ambassador

Demitu Hambsia Bonsa is set to take up her post as Ethiopia's new envoy to Italy after a president Sergio Mattarella approved her appointment, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Italy gives €500,000 of emergency aid for Ethiopia

Italy's deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re has organised €500,000 euros of emergency funding to help vulnerable Ethiopians, especially in conflict-hit Tigray, where around 2.3 million people - nearly half of the province's population - needs aid, according to the United Nations.

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