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Sabato 29 Gennaio 2022
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Western powers: Libya's December polls 'essential'

National elections slated for 24 December are "an essential step" towards a peaceful, democratic Libya, the embassies of Italy, France, Germany, Britain and the United States said Monday in a joint statement.

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Draghi to hold talks with Sarkissian, Merkel

Italy's prime minister Mario Draghi will have meetings on Thursday in Rome with Armenia's president, Armen Sarkissian, and with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to a statement from Draghi's office.

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Western embassies back December polls in Libya

The embassies of Italy and four other western powers have called on Libyan authorities to ensure national elections take place in late December in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2570, which was adopted unanimously.

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Italy vows to avert partition of Libya

Italy will do everything it can to stop the partition of war-torn Libya, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday, underlining the need to end the conflict through inclusive talks between the country's rival factions.

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