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Italy gives firefighting equipment to Lebanon

Ten fire engines, firefighting equipment and food has arrived at Beirut's port aboard an Italian ship after the devastating explosion there earlier this month, the Italian embassy tweeted on Monday.

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Italian govt, NGOs mull humanitarian response in Lebanon

Deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re on Friday chaired a meeting with Italian NGOs to get their input the response to the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon following the devastating blast at Beirut's port last week, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Italy airlifts hygiene kits to blast-hit Beirut

An Italian air force plane on Wednesday transported 2.4 tonnes of hygiene kits to the Lebanese capital Beirut, where a huge explosion last week killed over 170 people, wounding some 6,000 and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

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Italy sends more aid to blast-hit Lebanon

An Italian air force plane was due to fly to Beirut on Wednesday with first aid kits and sanitary materials on board after 8.5 tonnes of medical supplies and a team of experts was airlifted there last week following the devastating blast that hit the Lebanese capital.

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Beirut blast 'chance to rebuild' Lebanese unity - Italy

The massive explosion at Beirut's port last week that reportedly killed over 200 people, injured 5,000 and left hundreds of thousands homeless should be a chance to "rebuild unity" in Lebanon, Italy's deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re tweeted on Tuesday.

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Italy voices solidarity with blast-hit Lebanon

Deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re on Monday underlined Italy's "full solidarity" with Lebanon and with Beirut where a massive explosion last week killed at least 220 people, injured 5,000 and left over 20,000 homeless in the bankrupt country's capital.

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Lebanon's FM visits Italy-led UN peacekeepers

Lebanon's foreign minister Nassif Hitti visited the Naqoura headquarters of the Italian-led United Nations peacekeeping mission, its area of operations and the Blue Line frontline demarcation, UNIFIL said in a statement.

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