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Martedì 03 Agosto 2021
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GWM's Globalization Strategy is accelerated on 2nd Anniversary of Tula Factory in Russia

BAODING, China, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- June 5 witnessed the second anniversary of the operation of GWM's Tula factory in Russia. Since the first batch of HAVAL F7, HAVAL F7x, HAVAL H9 and other models got mass-produced, HAVAL-branded automobiles have ranked high in sales volume for many years, and HAVAL JOLION recently approved for marketing has also attracted many users' attention. All of these prove that the Tula factory has become GWM's model in the international market.

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Sereni deplores Russia's blacklisting of European officials

Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni on Friday condemned Russia's ban on European Parliament president David Sassoli and seven other European officials in retaliation for EU sanctions against several top Russian security officials last month.

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Italy voices 'solidarity' with Sassoli over Russian santions

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Friday conveyed Italy's "full solidarity" with European Parliament president David Sassoli after Russia blacklisted him and seven other European officials in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Russian citizens by the bloc.

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Italian diplomat's expulsion from Russia 'unjust'

Italy's foreign ministry on Monday deplored Russia's expulsion of an Italian diplomat, calling the move "unfounded and unjust" retaliation after two Russian officials were ordered to leave last month amid a spying scandal.

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Save Alexei Navalny's life Di Maio tells Russia

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday urged Russian authorities to give jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny critical medical care without delay, the foreign ministry said in a statement

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Espionage 'a hostile act' says Di Maio

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Wednesday deplored an Italian navy captain's alleged handing of sensitive documents to a Russian embassy official, saying that spying "is a very serious, hostile act".

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