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Italy to unveil new climate envoy in September

Italy will name a new envoy for climate next month, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said Monday as a new UN report warned that time is fast running out to cut global reliance on fossil fuels and avoid catastrophic, extreme weather events.

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World Food Programme aided record 114m in 2020

The United Nations World Food Programme gave live-saving aid to a record 114 million people last year, its executive director David Beasley tweeted on Friday, urging nations to help save millions from famine.

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Italy welcomes new UN envoy to Libya

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday praised the United Nations Security Council's "important" confirmation of veteran Slovak diplomat Jan Kubis as special envoy to Libya, nearly a year after his predecessor stepped down.

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New UN envoy to Libya 'urgent' - Italy

Naming a new UN envoy to Libya is crucial to its stabilisation and unification, as is respecting the permanent ceasefire inked in October and accelerating UN-mediated political dialogue, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told deputy premier Ahmed Maitig.

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FAO chief Qu thanks Italy's Di Maio for support

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation chief Qu Dongyu on Tuesday thanked Italy for its support for the UN agency and for multilateralism after he held video talks with foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

Italy reaffirms commitment to multilateralism

The "unprecedented" challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic hight the importance of multilateralism and the role played by the United Nations, Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Monday.

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Italy backs gender equality at peace forum

Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni on Monday voiced Italy's support for gender equality and women's emancipation in her address to a video peace forum taking place in the northern city of Turin.

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Italy urges quick naming of new UN envoy

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday called on the United Nations to urgently appoint a new envoy to Libya as further military escalation in the war-ravaged country looms.

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