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Venerdì 18 Giugno 2021
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UN welcomes fishermen's release in Libya

The United Nations mission to Libya on Thursday said it was pleased that 18 fishermen from Sicily's Mazara Del Vallo fleet were freed from detention in the eastern port city of Benghazi for over three months.

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UN lauds Libyan Central Bank's move to unify exchange rate

The United Nations mission in Libya on Wednesday praised a decision by the central bank's directors to unify the dollar to dinar exchange rate in their first joint board meeting in five years as part of efforts to heal the war-ravaged country's ailing economy.

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UN Libya mission hails women judges' appointment

The appointment of five women judges to sit in two new special courts that will hear cases of violence against women and children will "significantly" improve these vulnerable groups' rights, the United Nations mission to Libya stated on Tuesday.

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Italy reiterates support for Libya's NOC

Italy, 10 other countries and three transnational organisations have reaffirmed their backing for Libya's National Oil Corporation as it seeks to end a more-than-six-month-old blockade and resume production, the United Nations mission to the war-ravaged country (UNSMIL) said in a statement on Tuesday.

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