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SANY On Track - Highlights from the SANY 2020 Annual Report

BEIJING, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SANY Heavy Industry released its 2020 annual report. Last year, SANY's total sales revenue reached 15.14 billion USD with 31.29% year-on-year growth. Total assets increased to 19.25 billion USD, and net assets attributable to shareholders of the public company were 8.62 billion USD.

Medicom Healthcare Ltd announces the signing of an Asset Purchase Agreement of BIMATOPROST 0.3 mg/mL, 3ml

LONDON, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Medicom Healthcare Limited (Medicom) and Famar Health Care Services Madrid (Famar) are pleased to announce the signing of an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) for the acquisition by Medicom of the pharmaceutical dossier of BIMATOPROST 0.3 mg/mL, 3ml, preservative free eye drop solution, developed by Famar R&D. Under this agreement, Medicom has acquired the ownership of the product dossier which is already registered in the UK and 5 EU countries with plans to com...

Mhome Group Records Surging Annual Growth in 2019 Following Strategic Layout Innovation and Prefabricated Construction Market Growth

WUHAN, China, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mhome Group (000667.SZ) ("the company"), a top Chinese real estate developer headquartered in Wuhan, released its 2019 annual report. Last year, Mhome Group's operating revenue reached CNY 3.66 billion (USD 516.55 million) — a 45.19% increase year-on-year. Advance from customers in 2019 reached CNY 9.01 billion (USD 1.27 million) with a 31.19% year-on-year increase. Net profits attributable to shareholders of the listed company reached CNY 66.88 million...

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